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Crazy DD Ranch
4 year olds
We have saved the very best of our foals to add to our future breeding program.  We are in the
business of selling horses and as such we have listed them for sale below.  They are all registered
with AQHA and most have already been registered with NFQHA.
Please view the pedigrees of all of our horses at
Jessie Jacks Sierra  4/26/11
Sierra is yet another special horse.  She is
a carbon copy of big brother Cash.  We
plan to start her training this spring.
Jessie Savannah James - 6/12/11 and Dakota 4/26/11
Jessie Went Cattin - 5/14/10                Shiloh   5/3/10
Jessies Grand KANYON
The horses shown below are some of our  babies
that have been sold.  We miss them all.