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Crazy DD Ranch
6 - 7  Year Olds
As breeders, we have limited numbers of riding/using horses available for sale.  Most of the 3
and 4 year olds that we have are the best of the best and are being groomed for the show
circuit or are headed for our breeding program.  We keep a select few every season and start
their basic training as 2 year olds.  At 3 -5, they are ready to finish in specific events but we
usually don't concentrate on any one event unless you purchase the horse and contract with us
to do so.  For more details, please contact us directly.
Please go to for breeding
information on any of our horses.
CJ Bueno Honey  -  2/25/06       SOLD
Honey is a red dun filly that has it all.  She is everyone's dream horse.  As a  2 yr old, any one could ride her
after only 30 days of training.  She has looks, confirmation, brains, agility and unfaltering instincts, and is 88%
NFQHA .   All of the trainers agree that she is a "Once in a lifetime" horse and someone's ticket to the BIG
Snicker insisted on a hat to
keep the sun out of her
eyes during her training
session in the hot TX desert.
Kings San Peppy Bar (Peppy) is showing off
on his second day under saddle.  He ran
cattle on his third day and loved every
minute of it.
All work and no play --- No way, not for these two !!!!!
SOLD - King Jacks Sand Bar - 3/2/08
Sandy is a dun filly registered at 87% with
NFQHA.  She was the first baby we ever foaled.
She was started as a 3 yr old and would make
someone an excellent riding horse.  She is very
fast and smooth, has a quick turn and big stop,
nice muscle and not very tall.  We plan on adding
her to our brrodmare line as she is the last filly
not sired by Jessie.  Until that time she is offered
for sale.  $2000.00
SOLD Cash 's life:  At 3 hours old, Cash showed no
fear of anything.  He wants to be the center of
attention.  While out on the 3000 acre pasture, Cash
laid claim to the herd as his on band.  He was the
oldest male there at 6 months of age.  Cash is going
to be quite tall and is already becoming a great
example of why we breed.  We have gelded Cash. He
has been saddled and has had some flex training.  He
left for the trainer 1/18/14.  After 30 days they were
working calves on him.  He came home in the spring
of 2014 and was bit by a rattler 4 times.  He is fully
recovered and will become my personal horse.  
Although he is still listed for sale because that is what
we do.