proudly presents
                                  2016 FOALS
SOLD - We are proud to announce
the arrival of our first 2016 colt
January 4th, 2016.
Jackie had a colt a little after 7
a.m..  We have named him CHIP.  
Registered name to be
determined.  Chip is the fastest foal
we have ever had.  He runs or
bounces everywhere and is giving
his mamma a true workout trying to
keep up to him.  He has some very
quick turns and a huge stop.  This is
most likely a dunalino but could be
palomino as he sheds out.   Either
way he is absolutely
beautiful - sorry, handsome.
                                   SOLD -  CHIP is for sale at $2500.  We will take payments until weaning.
                                                        Don't let this stallion prospect get away.  
                                             Bred for chasing a cow but with the speed to turn cans.

grulla colt

Couldn't ask for a better colt out of Jessie and Fancy.  This buy has legs that don't stop.  He was born into
48 hours of wicked West Texas winds gusting up to 60 mph and had to figure out those legs in winds I
could barely walk in.  Thus his name:  TUFF as he is one tough colt.  A hint of a star (just barely) and a tiny
snip on his nose are the only white markings but he has an abundance of bling with leg barring; a huge
black dorsal stripe with the biggest cross bar over his withers and a jet black tail that never stops. This colt
is a show stopper.