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Crazy DD Ranch
2009 Foals
Jake  -  3-8-09   
Jake is a red dun colt
that has more stripes
than the American flag    
He is out of Jessie and
Jackie and is for sale at
this time by Private
These last 2 fillies were our late babies this year.  They are 2 full months behind the others in
age but don't  tell them that they are smaller and younger.  They are keeping pace in every way.

Gracie  5-21-09      Grace is a palomino filly that is built like a tank.  We knew this cross between Jessie and    
                                 Preacher would result in a foal with great muscles and confirmation - imagine our               
                                 surprise to get a gorgeous Palomino in the package.      Priced at $2000
Drizzle  5-22-09     SOLD @ 36 hours old     Thank you
Josh and Bianca .   They have taken her home and are
treating her like the princess she is.  We miss her!!!!!
Little Drizzle was
born in the first rain
we had in months
and it rained some
every day that first
week  She is a
perfect buckskin
and we are hoping
to duplicate this
one next year.
Dancer  -  3/12/09    Dancer is all about affection.  She is Jessie's "dark horse" of the        
season.  She stands out in the crowd.  She if slowly turning dark seal brown like her dam    
(Fancy) and is everyone's favorite sweetheart.  Danny was halter broke in a little less than
an hour.  Priced at $1500.00
Riley  -  3/17/09  Our St. Patrick's
Day lucky charm.  Riley iwill be a
dark golden  palomino.  He has a
very smooth gait and quick turns.  
He is out of "Mandy" and Kings
Caantender -a nice palomino stud.  
Riley's full brother can be seen on
the Yearling page (Andy).  Priced at
Gunner - 3/26/09

Wow - look at this
colt's color and
confirmation. He is
already turning heads.
 He is a very curious
and watching him run
is breathtaking.
He weaned himself at
3 months of age,  
Spring  3/20/09
She was born on the first day of
"Spring" and as it turns out she was
named correctly as she ran and
jumped where ever she went for the
first 2 months.  

SPRING is SOLD and going to be
loved by her new family in Odessa,
TX.  She has made 2 kids and mom
Chelsey very happy.
                Weaned and ready to go -make offers today
Spring and Jake  These 2 are best buddies and are
always together.  Jake was halter broke in one day
and when he left the "nursery" paddock, it a was all
the motivation Spring needed.  She decided to go
with the program so that she could go where Jake
2009 brought loads of color!!!!
   2 red duns; 2 palominos;
   2 buttermilk buckskins
   & a seal brown