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Crazy DD Ranch
Jacks Red Dun JF - 5/4/00

Jackie is 91% NFQHA.  Her
foals are  always  awesome
and are remarkably alike
every year.  We have kept
most of her foals but the
ones that have sold
command top dollar. She is
a great mother and brings
the great bloodlines of Poco
Bueno and  Two eyed Jack
into the mix.  She is
not for
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We are pleased to have purchased this awesome mare.
She was bred to Jessie for an early 2015 foal.  We are
eagerly anticipating the colt from the pairing   Last yr
Promise gave a us a black filly.  The other colt we had of
hers has developed into a great cow horse and the new
owners have had some very handsome offers for him.  
This mare has  big, heavily muscled and bred to watch a
Sometimes we sell a horse to someone and the fit is less
than perfect.  It is a situation that can usually be avoided if
the buyers are truthful in their expectations and abilities; and
then sometimes circumstances change suddenly. Regardless,
we are delighted to have her back in our stable.   This
Haythorn mare is bred for power and is quite athletic  She is
bred for 2015 foal.
SOLD - Buenos Snicker Bar  - 3/2/07

Snicker is an awesome dun filly out of our
favorite mare, Jacks red Dun JF.  She showed
great potential as another all around great cow
horse. When we sold several of our broodmares
we decided that she was more valuable as a
part of our breeding program than as a riding
horse. With her color and breeding we are
expecting great foals for years to come.  She is
bred to Jessie for her first foal in 2015.