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Crazy DD Ranch
Sale Horses
As breeders, most of our horses are for sale.  We strive to offer the best quality foundation
quarter horses available any where.

Occasionally, we have horses available for sale that do not fit that criteria, or are listed for

In todays world, with the economy in shambles and people struggling to make ends meet,
we have had several horses dropped off at one of our locations.  We have also taken in the
occasional rescue horse worthy of a second chance.  When we offer them for sale, we make
sure to disclose all that we know to be true about the horses past.
Rebel - 4 year old Palomino Gelding
We rescued Rebel from the "killer
truck".  He is absolutely gorgeous and
very friendly.  He had been beaten
severely when we took him in and has
been learning to trust again.  We were
told that he had been ridden and shown
prior to being sold to the sorry soul
who beat him but we do not know that
for a fact.  He is being sold as
unbroken.  His papers were not included
so we are selling him as "Grade"  With
time he should make a great ranch
SOLD -  We want to Thank Martin and Lexi.  They wanted a weanling filly
to raise but when someone bought her before they got here, they opened up their hearts
and gave Rebel a new home.  He seems to be adjusting to his new scenic home in the
Davis Mountains just fine. He will be missed around Crazy DD Ranch but we were given
visitation rights!!!!  Happy trails you guys.