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Crazy DD Ranch
Jessies Senor  -  91% NFQHA
Jessie is a 2002 Buckskin Dun double bred Jessie James stallion that has given us the
most amazing babies.  He carries both the dun and creme genes and passes them on
most of the time.   He also passes on his pretty head, great confirmation and athleticism,
but most remarkable is the disposition of his foals.  We have actually had foals
halter-break themselves. Jessie is a great herd sire, protective of his mares and watches
patiently over his foals.  He is the heart and soul of our operation and has never
disappointed us in any way.
Jessie is not currently for sale.  He is standing at stud to approved mares only by
PRIVATE TREATY.  You can see some of his babies on the yearling and foal pages.
Kings San Peppy Bar  -  88% NFQHA - SOLD
Peppy is a 2007 flashy dun colt.  He was actually working cattle on his second day under saddle.  He was
born to it. There is no quit in this colt, he will go hard all day and into the night if given the chance. He is
growing by leaps and bounds.  He is as smart as they come and as playful as any puppy, without a
mean bone in his muscular body.  We plan to cross him with some of Jessie's offspring when the time
comes.  In the mean time the trainer has plans to continue his training for a show career, as well as
using him as a working cow horse to put hours on him.

I never thought that I could sell this colt unless I found someone that could love him as much as I do.
Vicki and David Gilbert came in search of a mare/foal combination and left with 2 of our favorite
sons.  Not only do they love Peppy the way that I do, he loves them back.  It was the perfect match
in the arena.  We'd wish both Peppy and Jr -good luck but they already have everything they need.  
Thanks again Vicki and David!!!!!!
All of our horses pedigrees are available at
jESSIE was started as a 2 yr old by
Matlock Rose.  Due to an untimely
accident to an older stud, Jessie was
pulled from training and put to stud
after only 45 days in training. We
regret that we never had the
opportunity to meet him and thank
him for the amazing job he did on
Jessie in such a short time.

Jessie had not been ridden in nearly 6
years when  2 very  beginner riders
rode him all afternoon without a
problem. This is just another prime
example of the disposition of the
Jessie James bred horses and of
Jessies Senor and his offspring.  
Jessie is a one of a kind stallion and
we are proud to own him.
Peppy was the colt that started it all.  I had to have him as a weanling and he proved to be
exactly what I wanted out of our breeding program.  We actively pursued purchasing his
dam, San Peppys Promise.  We succeeded in 2011 and have had 4 fabulous foals since
then.  KC, a grulla colt sold to Chris Crowder at the Rafter C; Brooke, a buckskin filly that
is a 2 yr old and currently for sale here; Pyper a solid black filly also for sale here; and most
recently our 2015 buckskin colt DIESEL POWERED PEPPY.  Diesel represents everything we
strive for in our breeding program. We have had several parties already showing interest in
purchasing him.