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Training Burros - Spot & Red
Halter breaking our young horses has always been a real workout.  We have been told
over and over again that we needed to get a donkey to do the job for us.  In the Spring
of 2009 we were able to adopt Spot and Red from Mitzi Francis.  They had been her
training partners for years.  They each have 14 + years of experience in halter breaking
colts.  They have trained in excess of 80 colts per year in the past.  Red and Spot are the
greatest!!! They are teaching us how it is done and we keep wondering why it took us
so long to learn to let the burros do the work.  We love our 2 long eared burros and will
always be thankful to Mitzi for sharing them with us.
Spotty has Bro marching to the beat of his drum in  
only a few short hours.  In fact, Bro was leading like
a pro and was disconnected from Spot's training
harness in less than 24 hours.
Redman has his job cut out for
him with Dusty.  Dusty was a
bit intimidated by this silly
looking long eared horse".  
However Redman got the job
well on his way to great
ground work manners.
Carole at (432)360-9015 or
Stuart at (432)360-9161